Studio Drummer

Section 1:  Studio Drummer for Various Recording Artists

Section 2:  Studio Drummer for Recording Artist  “Oliver Todd “

Section 3:  Drummer & Band Member with “Jesse King as Elvis”

Section 4:  Drummer & Band Member with “The Ides of March”


Scott Ebright, Drummer

The songs below were recorded from the 1960’s through 1984. The range of music styles was quite varied from one recording assignment to another. Scott’s versatility on drums was sought by many recording artists and record producers. As a “hired gun” (Studio Drummer), Scott recalls that often times, he hardly ever knew what style of music he would be required to play at the recording session. He created original rhythms and chops for all styles of music: Country, Blue-grass, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Pop (whatever the current Top 40 trend was), Big Band, Disco, Punk, New Wave, Alternative, or good old Rock and Roll. He took pride in offering more original and atypical renditions of drum riffs that were not cliche’ or predictable like most other contemporary recordings. He liked breaking the rules of boring standard  drum patterns.

Scott Drum Cage - 1983 9 in

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Section 1:  Studio Drummer – Various Recording Artists & Studios

Desert Sound Studios – Phoenix, AZ
Record Plant – Sausalito, CA
John Altman Studios – San Francisco, CA

Down Arrow  Olivia Newton-John – “Physical” (minus Vocals)  (4:23) *
This song required restraint! The songwriter for Olivia Newton-John insisted on a sparse, basic drum track;  just a simple straight 4-4 beat without typical rock and roll riffs or fancy turn-arounds. The main goal for percussion was to lay down a full, driving  beat with no hi-hat cymbals or ride cymbal sound (except the last 28 beats of the song). The same was true for most of the other instruments. Olivia Newton John’s melodic voice had to dominate. The only instrument to really stand out on this demo recording was lead guitarist Sandy Lamont who essentially conducts a clinic on “lead solo virtuosity” at 2:27 (about half-way) through the song. His tasteful rock guitar licks give this demo song an added boost and ultimately, the final recorded version of this song by Olivia Newton-John hit #1 on the Billboard charts and stayed there for 6 solid weeks.


 Down Arrow  Rita Coolidge – “Higher and Higher” (minus vocals)   (4:42) *
Here is a great song with contrasting rhythms between the melodic phrasings of female lead voice (Rita Coolidge) against the  straight forward, 4-4 drum beat. Add to this, a contrasting syncopated rhythm of guitars in the background. (No vocals are on this audio sample). Anyone familiar with this original million-seller record hit knows that just the background music alone is strong on it’s own merit. The great Hammond B3 organ sound is driven and played by the renown keyboardist from the UK (Liverpool): Mike Dinsdale. (THE GOOD NEWS: Mike Dinsdale was an outstanding keyboardist! THE ONLY BAD NEWS was that all studio musicians had to help Mike lug his monstrous Hammond B3 organ in and out of the recording studio).

Down Arrow  The Spinners – “Workin’ My Way Back to You” (minus vocals)  (3:30) *

Down Arrow  The Pointer Sisters – “Should I Do It”  (minus vocals)  (2:59) *
Although this song has a nostalgic sound, it was written and released in 1982.  Lead guitarist Sandy Lamont plays a great solo starting at the 2:01 mark and continues 30 more seconds, just prior to the song’s ending.

Down Arrow  Lou Rawls – “You’ll Never Find” (minus LEAD vocal)  (3:36) *


Down Arrow Diana Ross – “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” (minus vocals) (2:47) *

Diana Ross released this snappy, updated arrangement of “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” in 1981. It was the title song on her first solo produced LP titled by the same name. This song reached #15 on U.S. Record Charts, but fared much better in foreign markets. Piano Player Mike Dinsdale plays a clean, bright piano solo at the 1:32 mark.

Down Arrow  Manhatten Transfer – “The Boy From New York City” (minus LEAD vocal)  (3:20) *
Rearranged for the Manhattan Transfer from the original song hit by the Adlibs in 1965. (The “stupid dumb guy” bass vocal on this song is sung by Scott Ebright)

* Above seven songs recorded 1982 at Desert Sound Studios, Phoenix, AZ. Recording Engineer: Sandy Lamont.   Read more about Sandy Lamont and Desert Sound Studios:

Sandy Lamont  Mike Dinsdale

ScottRecordingStudio1981 Sandy Lamont
ABOVE LEFT and BOTTOM RIGHT: Sandy Lamont – recording studio owner, Producer, Engineer, Lead Guitarist, bass guitarist.  ABOVE RIGHT:  Keyboardist, Mike Dinsdale shows off his Liverpool “chops” laying down piano and synthesizer tracks. BOTTOM LEFT: Drummer, Scott Ebright.   

Scott recalls: “Two things Mike Dinsdale (piano) was famous for (1) his thick Liverpool British accent, and (2) his special  whiskey flask filled with a little ‘hair the dog that bit me!’ (Which he would share…but only SOMETIMES!)  Guitarist / recording engineer Sandy Lamont is photographed with his famous wooden matchstick hanging out of the corner of  his mouth and wearing his faded denim floppy hat. 

Down Arrow  Joey Dee and the Starlighters – “The Peppermint Twist”  (minus LEAD vocal)  (2:37) **

Down Arrow  Del Shannon – “Runaway” 
(minus vocals)  (2:19)  **

** Above two songs recorded at John Altman Studios, San Francisco, CA. Recording Engineer: John Altman.  Studio musicians: Scott Ebright – drums. Other musicians included Bruce Avilla on Bass Guitar along other musicians from the band “The Del Pompadours” which was the notable show band from the oldies choreographed revue on the main stage at Marriott’s Great America in San Jose. High note synthesizer solo played by keyboardist, Mike Dinsdale. Mike’s contribution was added to the original 16 track mix five years later at Desert Sound Studios in Phoenix, AZ.

Section 2:  Studio Drummer for Recording Artist Oliver Todd

Oliver Todd - Going Down (45 RPM)Oliver Todd - Dream Street (45 RPM)



 Down Arrow  Oliver Todd – “Heart of the Night”  (3:30) ***

Down Arrow  Oliver Todd – “On the Radio” (4:52) *** 
(Drum break or “soli” at 04:07)

Down Arrow  Oliver Todd – “Where is the Love”  (3:44) ***

Down Arrow
  Oliver Todd – “Dream Street” (2:58) ***

Down Arrow  Oliver Todd – “Rage”  (3:44) ***

Down Arrow  Oliver Todd – “LMKY”  (3:44) ***

Down Arrow  Oliver Todd – “Going Down”  (3:12) ***


Down Arrow  Oliver Todd – “Hole in My Heart” (3:21) ***

*** Above seven songs recorded 1983-84 at Desert Sound Studios, Phoenix, AZ. Recording Engineer: Sandy Lamont
Studio musicians: Mike Dinsdale – piano, synthesizer, organ; Oliver Todd – guitar, vocals;  Sandy Lamont – lead and bass guitar, Scott Ebright – drums, Stephen Vaughn Esquire – vocals.

Section 3:  Drummer & Band Member with the Jesse King Show

JesseFlyer         Jesse King Promo Photo


Scott Ebright – Drum Solo With “Jesse King as Elvis”
Live TV Show, KEMO – TV (San Francisco, CA  November 1976)

Down Arrow  Jesse King as Elvis  – “Money Honey”  (2:44) 

Down Arrow  Jesse King as Elvis  – “Little Sister”  (2:38)


 Down Arrow  Jesse King as Elvis  – “Devil in Disguise”  (2:16)  


 Down Arrow  Jesse King as Elvis  – “Heartbreak Hotel”  (2:40)  


Down Arrow  Jesse King as Elvis  – “Stuck on You”  (2:24)  


 Down Arrow  Jesse King as Elvis  – “Don’t Be Cruel”  (2:10)  

All Jesse King songs above were recorded around September of 1976 at John Altman Studios, San Francisco, CA.
Recording Engineer: John Altman.  Jesse King Studio musicians: Dan Nielsen – Bass Guitar, Scott Ebright – drums, Neil Breitbarth – Piano, Bruce Chasten – Lead Guitar, Jesse King on Elvis vocals.

Down Arrow Jesse King’s BACK-UP BAND “Cobra” LIVE   (6:53)

 The music track above was made on a $30 Radio Shack portable cassette recorder sitting on the edge of the stage. This live jam session was played by the quartet comprised of Don Rigby – piano, Mick Sutliff – guitar, Dan Neilsen – Bass guitar, Scott Ebright – Drums. The owner of the Mabuhay Gardens nightclub On Broadway in San Francisco wanted the band to start the show early so restless customers in the front row of reserved seats had something to do while waiting for the main show to begin. So….the band made an executive decision and they “FAKED IT” with this impromptu 6 minute and 53 second jam!

Section 4: Drummer and Band Member with “The Ides of March”

The Ides of March – first publicity photo 1966. Location: Essexville Yacht Club, Essexville, Michigan. Band members, back row, from L to R: Tim Ward (Lead Guitar), Scott Ebright (drummer), Dennis Orvis, (bass guitar). Front row, L to R, Terry Bladecki (rhythm guitar), Bob Ward, (lead singer).

Ides Of March 45s

Down Arrow  The Ides of March  – “Playthings 5 X 5”  (2:10)  45 RPM record release (side B)


Down Arrow  The Ides of March  – “Life Has Been So Good”  (3:03)  45 RPM record release (side A)

Above two songs recorded in 1967 at Schiells Recording Studio, Bay City, MI.
Recording Engineer: Art Schiells.
Ides of March band members: Bob Ward – Lead Singer, Tim Ward – Lead guitar player & vocals, Dennis Orvis – Bass Guitar and vocals, Terry Bladecki – Rhythm Guitar, Scott Ebright – drums and vocals.