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The Soul Beyond Darkness by Scott Ebright

The Soul Beyond Darkness by Scott Ebright.

“Five Star Rating!” ( & Barnes & Noble )

Based on true events, this haunting story from the 1970’s has never been made public until now. Forewarned that ghosts may haunt his new residence, Doug Conroy scoffs at the suggestion of haunting spirits and rents the hundred year-old house, anyway. But as soon as he moves in, paranormal phenomena occur without warning and soon escalate into a battle of ‘good versus evil’. This ordeal takes place in Marin County, across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. As a newcomer, Doug strives to balance his Midwestern values with the counter-culture pursuits of organic gurus and new-age idealists. While enduring their pompous, pseudo-intellectual philosophies, he relies on a wry sense of humor to keep his sanity. But, ominous events from the dark side continue to threaten him and his mood turns sober when he realizes a major decision must be made to defeat the unseen enemy. For readers who want a believable haunted house story, they will find The Soul Beyond Darkness a realistic alternative to typical horror stories that capitalize on shallow “blood-and-guts” plots. On the contrary, herein lies a tale that is a suspenseful chronology of fear, terror, and memorable characters.

Scott Ebright’s published book, The Soul Beyond  Darkness is based on a true mystery in a haunted house experience from the 1970’s. The first printing is sold out, both paperbacks and Hard Covers according to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Some distributors on the internet may still have books for sale but at a higher retail cost due to its collectibility status. 

NOTE: This book is soon going to a 2nd printing and will be edited: 1) a new cover design, 2) deleting 100 pages of text from the original 400+ pages!, and 3) a new book title.  (Title change will correct the confusion for book stores. They  have difficulty knowing how  to categorize a simple haunted house story! Is it  “New Age” or  “Fiction” or “Self-Help”?  The new title of “23 Prospect Lane” will help alleviate the quandary for a new generation of book store employees that are still learning.)

BELOW: Video of opening title credits for the Movie “Soul Searching” – adaptation from “The Soul Beyond Darkness”:





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