Audio Production

Custom audio production and specialized music mixes

  • 200,000 Songs ALL DIGITAL Music Library and Sound FX Archive
  • All DIGITAL audio enhancement techniques and special effects
  • Custom PARTY song sets personally mixed by Scott Ebright for your event
  • Any audio can have “Live Audience” cheers or applause added to sound
  • Turn ordinary studio recordings into exciting, LIVE – sounding performances
  • VOICE-OVER announcing can be mixed into YOUR custom show!
  • All audio mixes can be synced with just about any type of video

Custom Song Mixes

Below mix of songs was a specific request by a Japanese Corporation. In attendance at the San Francisco Bay outdoor fireworks event were 2,000 WOMEN ONLY audience from Japan.

Client instructions for the recording mix project below:

    1. The nostalgic music mix of songs needed to appeal to WOMEN ONLY from 35 to 65 years old. However, six specific song requests were MANDATORY, and they had to be mixed in with other songs for the complete, 10 minute customized song medley. These specific 6 songs were: the “Olympic Theme”, “Uptown Girl” (Billy Joel), “Boogie Wonderland” (Earth Wind and Fire), “I’ll Be There” (Mariah Carey) and “One Moment in Time” (Whitney Houston).
    2. The whole music mix had to reflect excitement, as well as evoking emotions like empowerment and success
    3. Song selections needed to appease the musical tastes of ladies within the age ranges of 35 to 65 years old.
    4. Songs should appeal to a FEMALE point of view.
    5. Length of the song medley had to be 10 minutes. 

200,000 Song Music Library 

  • All – time Hit Recordings from these eras: 
    • 1920’s – 1930’s – 1940’s – 1950’s – 1960’s  – 1970’s – 1980’s – 1990’s – 2000’s
  • All Styles and Genres of music: 
    • Rock and Roll (Soft Rock, Top 40 Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal)
    • Rhythm & Blues (40’s * 50’s)
    • Blues (traditional, acoustic, 1940’s – Modern, shuffle, swing, rock) 
    • Big Band (1930’s through Contemporary)
    • Jazz (Classic, Dixieland, Fusion, Latin, Modern)
    • Motown (1960’s)
    • Disco – Funk  (Old School, Retro)
    • Techno – House – Rave
    • Rap – Hip Hop (Gangsta, Pop, Light) 
    • Country (Classic oldies – new, cross-over, rockabilly, bluegrass)
    • Folk – (acoustic)
    • Christian music (classic hymns, modern, rock, hip-hop, hard rock, blues, Gospel)
    • Movie Soundtracks (all types – adventure, mystery, action, romantic, historical, classic)
    • Reggae (classic oldies, contemporary, cross-over, pop)
    • Easy Listening (Soft, M.O.R. Middle of the Road, New Age, Nature Environments)
    • Ethnic music (Italian, Mexican, Latin, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Jewish, Irish, Scottish, African, Indian, Hawaiian, German, Italian, French, Russian, etc.)
    • Military (Marches, Ruffles & Flourishes, drum cadences, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines’ hymns)
    • Classical (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Hayden, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Dvorak, Vivaldi, etc.)
    • Theme music for every occasion
    • Situational instrumental music:
  • Sound Effects: 
    • Audiences:  cheers, applause, screams, shouts for all size crowds from 10 to 50,000 people
    • Human (laughter, coughs, sneezes, yelling, whispering, whistling, sighs, nose blows, slaps, fists hitting, etc)
    • City sounds: Street noise, light to heavy traffic, cars, trucks, buses, motor cycles, hissing truck brakes
    • Mass transportation: old and new trains, busses, small to large airplanes, small to large boats
    • Industrial: Construction vehicles (all sizes), factory sounds, whistles, horns
    • Guns: Cocking and firing old and modern hand guns, rifles, machine guns, cannons, bombs
    • Nature: animal sounds, wind, brooks, rivers, lakes, oceans, lightening, rain, fires, earthquakes
    • Scary – Horror:  haunted house noises, terrified screams, monster noises, growls, wolves howling
    • Outer Space: flying saucers (classic and modern), rocket ship engines, cosmic sounds, space ship noises         email:         704-657-0370        

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