Voice Overs

Radio Spot recorded for promoting Harley Davidson raffle: 2001

Radio Show Host, Scott Ebright,  Broadcast date: May 2014
(Air Check Demo of song intros, with most of the music edited out):

Radio spot for the Classic Jukebox Nightclub:

Radio spot for Jewelry Store chain:

Radio Show Host, Scott Ebright
, presents 1 Hour Show broadcast June 2014
(Air Check Demo of song intros, with most of the music edited out):

Product Infomercial AudioSynTrac Inventor (forerunner of Karaoke):

adio spot for national Furniture Store:

adio spot for Flashback nightclub

adio spot for Sunday Night Fever Party

Radio spot for the Pointe Resort, Phoenix, AZ:

Karaoke / AudioSynTrac product advertisement 
AudioSynTrac (AST) Corporation introduced the world to”A Revolutionary New Dimension In Live Entertainment”. AudioSynTrac was a sing-along process invented in Palo Alto, California during the 1970’s. After seeing AudioSynTrac demonstrated at CES and NAMM shows, the Asian version version of KARAOKE copied the AudioSynTrac concept. (Recorded in April 1980). This blatant maneuver example of pirating could not be legally defended by AST since the KARAOKE investors in Japan had a $10 million dollar legal defense fund to thwart any lawsuits by Scott Ebright and AudioSynTrac Corporation. Karaoke also paid much money to Wikipedia to keep any mention of inventor, Scott Ebright’s sing along concept off from the pages that now give exclusive invention credit to a Japanese name, rather than refer to Scott Ebright – the actual inventor from America.

Radio Show Announcer and Host (2014)

The 12:46 long video below is a Demo of Voice-Over announcer Scott Ebright.  This demo has edited out most of the songs – only the Voice-Overs are featured. 


To hear the entire 1 hour radio broadcast with all the song recordings included in their FULL-LENGTH version in the original one hour show format, click on:  www.Hot-Trax.com and look for the MAY 2014 Show.


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