Background Summary

The Best of Both Worlds…

A Veteran Performer and Business Entrepreneur

Scott Ebright’s 50 year career began in about 1966. The national minimum wage was $1.15 per hour, but he liked the idea of hauling in $10 for an easy two-hour dinner music gig softly playing drums with an electric guitarist and piano player. Within months, his primary source of income was playing drums and singing in a five-piece rock and roll band called, “The Ides of March”. A year later, the Ides won first place in a Midwest Battle-of-the-Bands contest that was heavily promoted on WKNX radio – the current Top 40 flamethrower AM Radio Station for Michigan at the time. The Ides of March played many Friday and Saturday night shows for teen-adult nightclubs all across Michigan. Their reputation grew with the help of heavy rotation radio spots that reached audiences throughout Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio and even Canada. By the middle of their second year as a band, the Ides of March recorded and released a single 45 RPM record where both sides of this single hit the record charts in the summer of 1967. (Click here to listen to “Ides of March” songs).

From those early years on up through the present, Scott rotated his performer duties as musician, singer, DJ, or actor, depending on where the current public demand paid the most money. And, regardless of which role he played, critics and the public both accepted and appreciated his talents as an all-round performer. 

Scott has appeared thousands of times onstage all across the U.S. as a singer, drummer, announcer, actor, MC, and disc jockey. From smaller nightclubs and military bases in the early days to larger arenas like concert halls, sports stadiums, and 5 -Star Hotels, he has entertained millions of people as he executed his talents in a myriad of roles onstage. His career path often crossed over the “A- List of Celebrities” from the music and movie industry. He has played live on TV and Radio and appeared in television shows and movies. (In regards to the movies, Scott admits not having the intestinal fortitude to sit around on movie sets waiting to become a major actor. He laments, “…it’s mostly about sitting around the set all day in hot makeup and costumes – and all for just a thirty second take until the director says ‘CUT!”)

Talent Agent – Personal Artist Manager – Director – Producer – Playwright – Author

Scott Ebright’s career path wasn’t limited to performing in public. His daily business was filled with long days and nights working hard behind the scenes as a Talent Agent, Personal Artist’s manager, Director, Producer, Playwright, and Published Author. He gained a certain respectability as an  innovative producer who led the charge on the newest, latest fad or direction for entertainment. For instance, when the whole pop music world went bananas trying to produce the next long-haired hippy recording groups in the 1970’s, Scott went against the grain when spearheaded a brand new entertainment genre known today as “Music Tributes”.  Primarily based out of California and Florida, his first major music tribute act was the showband called “Jesse King as Elvis” This band enjoyed a high degree of success touring the Southeastern U.S. and they literally started a new trend for show bands to book appearances around the entire coastline of Florida for one-week engagements.

Worked with Dick Clark (American Bandstand) and actor Jerry Lewis

Around the time that Elvis died (August 1977), Scott partnered up with Chet Actis (ICA TALENT, Hollywood) and Dick Clark (American Bandstand). This trio went locked into high gear while promoting the first Elvis impersonator to ever perform in Las Vegas and on nationally syndicated TV shows world-wide. Their primary act was “Alan – A Tribute to Elvis”. Other acts that benefited from their management and promotion were RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles, and Vince Vance and the Valiants.  Jerry Lewis took a liking to Alan’s Elvis tribute, so he and comedienne Totie Fields invested into a cable TV production of Alan’s Las Vegas Show. The Robert Stigwood Group was the video production company for this venture, and they were selected for their massive success and talent connected with producing their movies “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease”.


Scott Ebright, Entertainer (circa 1990’s)

During the 1980’s , Ebright transferred his experience and skills into hospitality corporations as Creative Consultant, VP of Marketing and Entertainment Director for the Hilton Pointe Resorts in Phoenix, AZ (Gosnell Development Corp.), the Hilton Hotel in Sacramento, CA, and 33 nightclub/restaurant locations (owned by Grace Corporation) all over CA, NV and AZ. 

Generated Gross Sales of Over $100 Million!

Ebright’s successful nightclub renovations and new store launches made him a desirous expert and consultant to help build their investments into much higher profit margins. Known for a career track record of high energy projects and unique creative ideas, Scott seemed to have a “Midas Touch” with every fledging business property he signed onto. In fact, he earned the nickname of “Nightclub Doctor” moniker from his natural ability to resurrect dying nightclubs. At the end of the decade, he amassed a stellar track record of netting investors over a hundred million gross dollars from 1981 to 1991. 

From the 1990’s through the present, Ebright became a playwright and he produced a popular acting troupe of movie and TV actors to perform a higher caliber version of Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Shows. Their performances were always exclusive private dinner parties for his corporate client base from the Silicon Valley in California. He has booked over a thousand shows with top corporate management in many Fortune 500 companies. His client list includes repeat bookings with Apple, Google, eBay, Twitter, PayPal, Facebook, IBM, Genentech, Cisco Systems, Oracle and EUarts to name a few. (See expanded client list).

“You have to really like people to succeed in business.”

Scott considers all of his business clients and associates to be the only family he has known since he was 20 years old. Without any spare time for dating relationships or getting married and or raising children, Scott sees all of his business projects as a way of life, where professional and personal gratification blend perfectly together.  

Ebright takes advantage of his own NATURAL high energy. His enthusiasm for work is legendary among his past and present business associates. He has always believed “You have to like people in order to build things”.  He is dead serious about a strong work ethic backed with honesty and integrity. And when adding in a dose of  his trademark sense of humor you pretty have the sum total of Scott’s winning success formula.